As I approach the finishing line of my manuscript olympics, I am forced to reflect on the solitude that writing a novel affords. What has happened, in turn, is that it has broadened the scope of people who have assisted me in the most profound way.

Being brave when enlisting the help of those that do all the background work as a profession was a massive hurdle but once I had tentatively popped my foot over the first striped bar I noted that just across the other side, as my foot hit the bitumen, my stride became more determined and less unencumbered.

The email traffic that passed between myself and those enlisted on the other side of the screen was like a freeway in peak traffic but the support of my queries was always met with great support. Surrounding yourself with the right fit is so important and I lucked in big time.

So it’s all business now and the fun and fear of writing a novel have left me, at least until after the launch party has come and gone and the next novel finds me.

Stay safe!

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