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  • The Tape Is In Sight
    You are at the starting line. Hands poised on the keyboard … and you are away. Writing the marathon seems like the bulk of the work and then you arrive at The End, but you are only at the halfway point. The editing process is your rest station where you try to replenish those depleted ideas and ‘should haves’ included in … Continue reading The Tape Is In Sight
  • Adaptability
    Some things do not come easy. You can scour your world and look for the next story to find you, but alas, it feels as though you will never write another word that is any good. Push outside of the comfortable realm you are sitting in and it will come for you, finding you in a vulnerable position, wrapping its arms … Continue reading Adaptability
  • HELP!
    As I approach the finishing line of my manuscript olympics, I am forced to reflect on the solitude that writing a novel affords. What has happened, in turn, is that it has broadened the scope of people who have assisted me in the most profound way. Being brave when enlisting the help of those that do all the background work as … Continue reading HELP!
  • Infinity
    It moves slow and fast. It is squandered and appreciated, depending on the scenario. We wonder where it has gone as we grow older and it reminds us of how quickly it has passed as the next generation grows before our eyes. It cannot be held back, nor can it be stopped, although it has been described as standing still when … Continue reading Infinity
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